Before You Hit the Send Button. . . .

The Before You Send Checklist

  1. I know quite a lot about the hiring organization, having researched it via the internet or friends or acquaintances.  I believe my values are in keeping with the organization’s values, and I could represent this employer comfortably.
  2. I am not just testing the waters; I am sincerely interested in some aspect of this opportunity.
  3. I know enough about this job to know that I meet the core requirements.  That includes, but is not limited to, any specific requirements like unusual hours, travel, physical demands, software skills, or language skills.
  4. The job is right for my experience level and education.  I am not overqualified, in my opinion, nor am I under-qualified to a great extent.  I could learn a lot in this position, and I could make a good contribution.  I am curious, and I have a good many questions in mind.
  5. I know who the job reports to, and have researched this individual, and I think I have a sense of her point of view and voice.  I’ve incorporated what I’ve learned into a well-crafted cover letter.  I want to meet her.
  6. My cover letter is no more than three paragraphs, and its content shows that I understand the mission of the job I want (because I have done a good bit of research).  Through my cover letter, you can see that I get it; I’m not taking random stabs at generalities.
  7. My resume includes only black font, the background is white, and I have focused on content and somewhat less on unique design elements.  I have not bordered the page, used 16 point font for my name, or otherwise obscured my simple and straightforward content.
  8. I have exhaustively proofread my cover letter and resume, and printed out a copy of each to make sure that they look as good on paper as they look on the screen.  Then I proofread again.
  9. I know where the job is located and I am prepared to work in that geography.  I have researched the area and can speak confidently about the place, the housing and transportation available, expenses, schools (if that is relevant) and the like.
  10. My spouse or significant other is on board with my plans, and I know why I am applying for this opportunity and how it fits with our plans.

In other words, I’m sincere, and it shows in the way I have approached this opportunity.

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