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Career Advancing Things to Do Indoors in the Heat of the Summer

Honestly, it’s too hot to do much of anything, isn’t it?  But, if you are looking for a job or if you have a job and you are looking for a different one, you don’t want to slow your momentum just because it’s July.  It is true that lots of people you would otherwise be meeting with are on vacation.  Interview schedules are dragging way out because of vacations, and if you are in the south, the oil spill may have everyone holding a collective breath.  In general summer makes things slow down.

So take your plans indoors, or if you aren’t air conditioned, to an indoor venue where you can work on your search.  Here are some basics that will keep you from having to start all over in a few months:

1.  Reorganize yourself and create a re-launch strategy for yourself.  Gather your cards, files, notes, telephone logs, articles, and the other collectibles you have been neglecting and sort.  Once Sorting is done: Pitch what is begging to be pitched–and that includes ideas that didn’t work or never got off the ground.  If you didn’t make the call or write the letter three months ago, either do it today, do it tomorrow, or give it up.  But somewhere in that pile o’ stuff is a good idea, an inspiration, or a sudden “what the heck” that can re-invigorate.

2.  Build a plan around the heat of July and August–set a schedule for the rest of the summer–what to do each day until fall arrives.  See how long you can stick to it.

3.   Update your research.  Either go to the library or go online and see what is going on with your target companies and their hiring plans or marketing strategy.  Changes might mean opportunity.

4.  Start your blog.  Begin by beginning.  You can spend a few days on this–did you have anything else to do, really?

5.  Write an article about something current in your profession or about your professional interest.  Even if it isn’t a great effort, spend some time learning about where you might publish it, if you ever wanted to.  Edit it.

6.  Write some letters or emails getting back in touch with your friends.  Or buy some cards and write personal notes to folks who might welcome them.

7.  Update your online profiles–Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, whatever your preference.  New photo, new status update, whatever is new.  It’s time to refresh.

8.  Get a haircut.  You know you need one.

9.  Read a good book that is related to your professional field or one that you aspire to.

10.  Write down your new re-launch plan.  If it isn’t written, it isn’t real.  If it doesn’t have goals and a timeline, it isn’t likely to get done.

I’m sure I’m not the only grown-up who still thinks that September is the start of a whole new year.  Old habits and perceptions don’t really leave us–new school clothes, pencils, notebooks and a lunchbox marked a new opportunity to achieve.  So start your homework now. . . . .